Roller Derby Saved My Soul

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Roller Derby Saved My Soul by rollersquare I am a cliché.  One of the most popular roller derby memes and car decals reads “Roller derby saved my soul”.  I am a cliché because this is me.  100% absolutely, through and through.  But damn am I ever happy this is the case. It’s Fresh Meat season.  If you’re friends with any … Read More

Misfit of the Month (Summer): Bones

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Summer Misfit of the “Month”: Bones, #13 Summer’s Misfit of the “Month” is Bones! They play both on the Doomsday Bunnies and the Smokin’ Laces, primarily as a jammer. Bones is a hardworking machine, pushing them-self at every practice and in all games. They have accomplished many tasks after only one year in roller derby! What go you started in … Read More

Misfit of the Month – Mr. Testosterone

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May’s Misfit of the month is our very own Mr. Testosterone.     Mr. T is a top jammer on the Vancouver Murder and also coaches the Prince George Northstars. He is an inspiration to our league with his crazy agility and moves: jumping over players, wrapping hips around blockers for points, or pushing players twice his size out of … Read More

Misfit of the Month – Malice!

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April’s Misfit of the Month is Malice! Malice is highly involved in our league and the derby world at large. She has been playing for 4 years, starting Fresh Meat in 2012. Malice is a blocker on both the Doomsday Bunnies and Smokin’ Laces. She referees for our league, as well as NWO and TCRG, and she recently put her … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch a Roller Derby Game!

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Watch a Roller Derby Game! (Pssst…it should be our Double Header on April 22) By Kendra Croitoru a.k.a. rollersquare When most skaters mention they play roller derby, a lot of people think of the game from years ago:  short skirts, very few rules, big hits, and the resulting injuries. Sounds fun to watch, but … Read More

Misfit of the Month – Fawndle

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We are proud to announce our March Misfit of the Month: Fawndle! The Misfit of the Month series features the stories and experiences of some of the most diverse and remarkable athletes from our league. The interviews focus on goal setting, facing adversity, and aspects of their personal derby careers. Our first ever Misfit of the Month, Fawndle, is a … Read More


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New to the DERBY World? The Mainland Misfits are holding our annual Rookie Scrimmage! Come skate, gain valuable track time and experience. All rookies with 2 Bouts or less are welcome. Things to know: * Must register in advance * Bring both Black and Blue shirts with your name and number * $5.00 roster fee * Doors Open at 5:15, … Read More