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May’s Misfit of the month is our very own Mr. Testosterone.




Mr. T is a top jammer on the Vancouver Murder and also coaches the Prince George Northstars. He is an inspiration to our league with his crazy agility and moves: jumping over players, wrapping hips around blockers for points, or pushing players twice his size out of the way! He has been playing derby for 4 years and has a background in power-lifting. Mr. T has a YouTube channel where he shares derby tips: I’m the Jammer


What go you started in derby?
I used to work at a roller rink…I was an amazing DJ! So i grew up roller skating… when a friend of a friend told me he played on a roller derby team, I asked what that was and once I heard it was a sport played on roller skates, I was sold. I showed up to my first practice having no idea what to expect, but was just excited to be able to lace up my skates again!


What is your biggest accomplishment in roller derby?
Ohhhhh, this is tough. Probably getting to jam with Vancouver Murder at MRDA champs! When I first started roller derby, I had agoal to play against teams that I had watched via live streams; that was never going to happen with my old league. So to be able to join a team that could help me accomplish a goal of playing the highest level of derby…. oh its just bliss!


What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
I feel like skating as often as possible is huge, not just derby skating, but skating in any form. Second, front squats, they help me jump higher and run faster.


What would be your ultimate achievement?
Perhaps being considered one of the top 10 Jammers in the MRDA.


How do you set your goals?
I suppose I set my goals based first on what our team goals are. From there, I like to set a lead percentage goal and how many points I’d like to score. Then I visualize me having reached those goals and how that would feel.


What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to manage this challenge?
Probably not being able to skate with my team every week; only being able to attend once or twice a month makes it hard. So I put in as much extra skate time as I can weekly to make sure I am working on what will help me be successful. Even if that means I play against chairs.


What was the best advice you were ever given?
The best advice for life was probably every episode from Boy Meets World. As far as for derby, it would be: Don’t worry about cardio, if you get lead, you can call it off when you get tired!


Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
I have tons: PMA! Positive Mental Attitude. Also, Make others happy and you will be happy. Lastly, its Morphin Time!


Where do you draw your inspiration from?
If I am being honest, Super Heroes. The passion to prepare for something that’s for the most part out of your control, to train so much that you are prepared for anything really motivates me. Obviously also from other players and jammers as well: Sausarge Rolls and Rollomite, Reaper and Optimus Grimes, Stelly, Grime and Punishment and so many others. I look up to these players and have such good friendships with them. I try to mirror their efforts and moves to make me the best I can be.


Do you have any recommended resources to share or advice for new players?
Hmmmmm…. Ask, ask for help. Don’t ever assume you are the best or you can’t learn something more. There is always someone out there that is better. Be happy with the progress you make and the idea that you can always get better. Perfection would be so boring. Also, check out my Youtube Channel “I’m The Jammer”


Anything else you would like to share?
I really really love Roller Derby, like a lot!


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