Stay tuned for details on our Punch & Pie as well as our Fresh Meat intake for 2016!

Roller Derby is a hard-hitting contact sport that requires commitment, athleticism, sportsmanship and a positive attitude. It takes a lot of work, sweat, and blood, but can become a positive outlet in your life where you will meet friends and be part of the MMRDA derby family.

Skater requirements:

  • Age 18+ Female or Male
  • Primary medical insurance (Care card #)
  • Maintain 60% attendance
  • Pay monthly dues as well as yearly RDAC (Roller Derby Association of Canada) insurance fees (prices subject to change)
  • Join one or more committee and volunteer time to help keep our league running
  • Adhere to the MMRDA Code of Conduct
  • Wear proper safety gear (helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards)
  • Basic skills test and written test based on the official WFTDA derby rules

Fresh Meat:

If you are interested in joining roller derby, but have not played before, we hold a beginner training camp entitled “Fresh Meat” each year in September (and possibly April).

We will train and test you on basic skills and official rules, and prepare you to play derby. After successfully completing Fresh Meat training, advanced skating skills, and written rules testing, recruits are eligible to be drafted to one of the four house teams. There is no guarantee that all recruits will be drafted. Being invited to skate for one of the MMRDA house teams requires not only skating skills but also to fit with the team culture.

Learn to Skate ASAP:

If you are interested in learning to skate anytime of the year, all year long, please visit our friends at to learn basic skating skills. They have drop in classes every Saturday. Please see their website for more details.

Get Your Gear:

Fresh Meat Package:

All You Need to Know:

If you would like any additional information on joining our league please contact us. We are always looking for NSOs and volunteers at all of our events! Get involved ASAP!

Items for you to download:


If you are a skater from another league wanting to join MMRDA, please contact

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