The Mainland Misfits are seeking partners to assist in the growth and development of our team through sponsorship, advertising, and in-kind donations. Our newest season offers local businesses a unique opportunity for sponsorship, and a chance to get involved with the rapidly growing sport of roller derby!

The Mainland Misfits Roller Derby Association (MMRDA) is BC’s only men’s and women’s flat track roller derby league. Founded in 2010, the MMRDA consists of four teams: The Doomsday Bunnies, The Smokin’ Laces, The Vancouver Murder, and The Anarchy Angels. The 2013/2014 season saw our rookie league establish itself as athletic and entertaining in the competitive derby world.

The MMRDA is a non-profit, skater funded and run organization created with the sole purpose of playing and promoting the sport of Flat Track Roller Derby. We’ve been providing the Fraser Valley a place to develop amateur athletes and foster competition on international levels, all while enriching the lives of our members and community through our sport.

Based in Cloverdale, BC, the Mainland Misfits provide hard-hitting action along with exciting halftime shows that the whole family will love. Our Home games or “bouts” range from Surrey to Chilliwack, while away games can take us over 1,000 miles away, just about anyone can see our league in action.

Our players are made up of people from all walks of life, skill levels, careers and backgrounds, but we all share a common desire to play the sport, have fun doing it, and provide great entertainment! Variety is the spice of life and our all men’s, all women’s, and co-ed events keep you on the edge of your seat. This isn’t your Ma and Pa’s derby. From our exciting games, to our themed events and ever-changing half time shows, you’ve never seen derby like this. None of our events are ‘staged’. This is true sport, athleticism and excitement for the senses.

We boast to be BC’s only inclusive men and women flat track roller derby league. Founded in 2010, MMRDA consists of over 60 members including a reffing crew, many cherished volunteers, and four teams: the Vancouver Murder, the Anarchy Angels, the Smokin’ Laces and the Doomsday Bunnies.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, getting involved with our league or simply for more info please contact us at


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