Vancouver Murder



The Vancouver Murder is BC’s first and only men’s roller derby team and a member of the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA). They were founded by local referees, coaches, derby fans and speed skaters.

The Murder is a brother team to the Mainland Misfits (MMRDA) and strives to promote and enhance roller derby in all its forms. They’re always looking for strong, competitive, sports-minded men to join the ranks of their team.

Doomsday Bunnies



The Doomsday Bunnies are not your average cuddly creatures. When we get on the track, we leave our soft, fuzzy sides behind and bring out the post-apocalyptic DOOM!

With hard hits and fast action, the Bunnies strive to celebrate all the unique and amazing aspects of this sport, from dancing on the jam line with a competitor one moment to knocking her to the ground the next. Whether we’re getting our game day DOOM on or sitting down with our opponents post-bout to compare well earned bruises, we love to play and we live to skate!

Anarchy Angels



Do you believe in Angels…

It’s game day, a bead of cool sweat slides down your spine as you stand, statuesque, on the jammer line. A single shrill whistle breaks your thoughts: the pack begins to roll. You lower your body, every muscle tensed in preparation. Two more whistles and you’re off, skates slamming the concrete as you race towards the pack.

Since the team’s birth in 2007, the Anarchy Angels roller derby team has been on a mission to skate hard, hit hard and play hard – in derby, in friendship and in life.

Smokin’ Laces



Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire                                             Introducing the Smokin’ Laces Roller Derby Team! The Smokin’ Laces are a brand new competitive B-level house team helping skaters step up their game!  We are a solid group of skaters from all walks of … Read More



We LOVE our officials and we couldn’t do it without them! Here’s to the fine folks who keep us in line and help pull off every breakneck MMRDA game – from taping the track to sending us to the box – without a hitch. Interested in joining the Officiating crew (no experience necessary!)? Send an email to Volunteer with the Mainland … Read More