Anarchy Angels



Do you believe in Angels?

It’s game day, a bead of cool sweat slides down your spine as you stand, statuesque, on the jammer line. You lower your body, every muscle tensed in preparation. A single shrill whistle breaks your thoughts: the pack begins to roll and you take charge.

Since the team’s birth in 2007, the Anarchy Angels Roller Derby Team has been on a mission to skate hard, hit hard and play hard in derby, in friendship and in life.

Roller derby gives the Angels the ability to be the best they can be. They train hard on and off skates achieving their highest athleticism and competitiveness. While the team is competitive the relationships forged on and off the track are strong and unbreakable. For the Angels, roller derby is so much than just a sport; it’s the ability to laugh, sweat and enjoy the time they have together.

While many different types of women make up the Anarchy Angels, they all share an incredible passion for skating. There is nothing like feeling the wind under their wings, the trust they have with each other and the ability to continue to grow as a team. Well, that and the uniforms!

The Anarchy Angels are absolutely honoured to be representing the Mainland Misfits as one of WFTDA’s newest member leagues in 2016!

2017 Roster

  • Coach Stan Daside
  • Coach Randy
  • Alotta Fuhry
  • Arya
  • Betty Shocker
  • CrackHer Jack
  • Fawndle
  • The Fighting Mongoose
  • Kariac Arrest
  • Lashes
  • Lemon
  • Lynn Detta
  • Cruel T
  • Princess Slayah
  • Purrfect Lee Legal
  • rollersquare
  • Rowdy Roddy Pippa
  • Sharky Tac
  • Thrillhouse
  • Fanny in the Pack
  • Zelda Fightzgerald
  • Reserve: Barbie Brawl
  • Reserve: Dar the Star
  • Reserve: Sassy

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