Doomsday Bunnies



The Doomsday Bunnies are not your average cuddly creatures. When we get on the track we leave our soft, fuzzy sides behind and bring out the post-apocalyptic DOOM!

With hard hits and fast action, the Bunnies strive to celebrate all the unique and amazing aspects of this sport, from dancing on the jam line with a competitor one moment to knocking her to the ground the next. Whether we’re getting our game day DOOM on or sitting down with our opponents post-bout to compare well earned bruises, we love to play and we live to skate!

The Bunnies bring this love to the track, with a passion for the competition and camaraderie inherent to the grass roots spirit of roller derby. Whether you are a fan, a volunteer or a skater, the Doomsday Bunnies invite you to embrace your inner DOOM!!

The Doomsday Bunnies are the House Team of the Mainland Misfits.  Fresh Meat intake is year round. Contact us for more details!


Doomsday Bunnies 2017 Roster

Barbie Barbie Brawl 5150
 Doomsday Bones 13
IMG_9584-2 Harry Slaughter pg394
 Doomsday Hulagwyn 5
 Doomsday Jack Hammer 22
IMG_9552-2 Kid Vicious 2424
 Doomsday  Madi Long Legs  88
 IMG_9482 Mauley Pop  14
 Princess  Princess Kaos  369
Doomsday Quoth, the Raven  23
IMG_9606-2 Robin Sparkills 815
 Doomsday Swass Attack  A55
Doomsday Vin Dicktive 11in




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