Smokin’ Laces



Where there’s Smoke, there’s Fire                                            

Introducing the Smokin’ Laces Roller Derby Team!

The Smokin’ Laces are a brand new competitive B-level house team helping skaters step up their game!  We are a solid group of skaters from all walks of life, what we have in common is that we love to skate and we strive to be better! The Laces are a competitive development team helping girls get to the next level in their derby careers.

Smokin’ Laces 2017 Roster:

  • Alotta Fuhry
  • Barbie Brawl
  • Bones
  • CrackHer Jack
  • Deck’er
  • Harry Slaughter
  • HulaGwyn
  • Kid Vicious
  • Malice
  • Mauley Pop
  • Quoth, the Raven
  • Robin Sparkills
  • rollersquare
  • Sam I Slam
  • Swass Attack
  • Thrillhouse
  • Zelda Fightzgerald

Our strong and fearless Coaches are:

  • Kaiser Isayso
  • Dainty

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